October 6, 2022


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Venezuelan government and opposition resume talks in Mexico (+ video)

George Rodriguez, head of the government delegation, pledged to continue the process for the benefit of the people. | Photo: Twitter @jorgerpsuv

Representatives of the national government and Venezuela’s opposition began the dialogue process in Mexico this FridayOn August 13, to strengthen democratic values ​​and restore economic guarantees to the people.

Vice President of the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN), Deputy George Rodriguez announced It is “hard work and we are all in a position to work for the good of the country.”

“We are here to look for ways to ensure that all Venezuelans benefit from this negotiation effort,” said a representative of the national government.

In addition, he reiterated to this new meeting that they “will directly affect the daily lives of Venezuela and Venezuela; there are points related to the economy, the social concern of the population and the epidemic”.

“Those are the basic points we bring, and I hope this hard work pays off,” Rodriguez told reporters. Hours ago, delegates representing the Bolivian government arrived in the country with a request for a new day of dialogue, which would prioritize the economic issue.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro posted on his social networking site Twitter, “We have decided to walk the path of reconciliation to give people the answers they are asking for.

The process is being carried out in the middle of the election schedule created for the November 21 regional and municipal elections, in which the candidates of the revolution will participate through a great patriotic pole, while the opposition of the country also confirmed their participation.

(With information from Telesur)

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