September 30, 2022

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Venezuelan Socialists will nominate candidates for the primary – Brenza Latin

Plans for this Sunday, August 8, will be presented to all grassroots organizations of the party, including the recommendations of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), a coalition of revolutionary forces.

Vice President Diostato Cabello stressed that elected candidates can win even the primary, but that does not mean they will be finalists because the PSUV will ensure a place for GPP candidates and the organization has the right to make decisions in this regard. Nationalists.

He stressed that the PSU was part of the coalition and should present themselves in a monarchy, as stated in the rules for these elections, “We have made it clear in the regulations that there is an open space for allies.”

He also referred to consultations with party platforms, and said the difference with earlier sessions this year was that this was the first time a consultation process had been carried out amid external threats and siege. United States.

He stressed that gender equality was one of the tasks pointed out to the militants and that it should set a precedent for other elections.

According to the rules, the organization must propose and select the same number of men and women, and at the end of the whole process the final candidates must be equal to 50 and 50 to be called mega-elections.

For his part, Secretary of the Public Sector Undertaking President Nicolas Maduro insisted on attending militant meetings and stressed the importance of this process, which guarantees that the Socialists will have a large number of candidates on November 21 and be able to win more positions.

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