October 7, 2022


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Víctimas en isla francesa de Córcega por fuertes vientos

At least one person died and another serious injury is the preliminary balance of the storm that azota today in the French island of Corsica, where winds of more than 200 kilometers per hour were recorded.

Corsica, the most southern of the 13 regions of metropolitan France, was placed this morning by the Météo France agency in alert orange, the second highest, due to the bad weather that since Tuesday began to impact the whole country.

De acuerdo con reportes de prensa, en la estación de Marignana, situated a unos 30 kilometers de Sagone, se midieron today rachas de viento de hasta 224 kilometers por hora.

Yesterday, 13 departments of the north and south of France were under surveillance, with extreme episodes in Saint-Etienne, where the hail covered the soil in full summer, Lyon and Marseille, port cities where they accumulated in just 24 hours. The equivalent of several months of precipitation.

The storms left injuries yesterday, at least two in severity in Correze, and forced evacuations and road closures in some areas, in events that followed the fourth wave of heat of the season.

Experts warn that as a result of climate change, extreme events will become more frequent and intense in Europe.


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