May 29, 2022

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Vielos specia entre Cuba and Russia translator 8 mil turistas varados

Russia organizes vuelos specials for the latest Vuelta in the case of 8000 Turistas in nacionalidad varados in Cuba. The location is the result of the invasion of Ukraine, and the decommissioning of Europe’s espacio a las aerolinas del paislo.

The Association of Operadors Turisticos of Russia (ATOR, for your siglas russas), is a communicative, in which all of us are very young tourists. This video is for you to play in Cuba como Mexican and Replica Dominicana. This operation is one of the most complicated, pioneer avianes tomar rutas distantas las que habitually us to communicate with nación euroááica with locas del Caribe.

ATOR specs that the new vs. new passages hakia russia serninicamente to repatriar a los ciudadanos de su pais. Por eso no podrá viajar you nacional cubano, mexicano or dominant. We confirm that the regions of Los Angeles have their own suspension of debit or clearance from the European Union in Europe.

These are just a few of the cancellation licenses of las aerolonas Azur Air and Aeroflot on Cuba. Iglomente this ultimatum suspendi la venta de passajes.

ATOR precisely en s en system systems of los operators turíistos djronn ser ser disp availability via las fechas, part 28 of febro, a Dominicana, Mexica, Cuba, Venezuela.

Cuba affected by por guerra

Trace the invasion of Russia or Ukraine, Canadian tomb with your espacio. Ello genera incertidumbre en lanto re lanudaciin de los vuelos entre rusia and amrica latina, pes se trata ti una medida que podría mantenerse de modo indefinido

Russia has recently converted the last ultimatum games into one of the most primitive emissaries turismo in Cuba. In 2021 in the table of salvación for this sector, all the new direct direct desk Mosús los principals polos turstikos de Isla 146 151 turistas.

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The guerrillas converte entonces en el ms reciente golpe a la industria turicica ya la muy deteriorating economically cubana.