October 6, 2022


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Vienna refuses to create legal avenues for refugees in Afghanistan, as requested by Brussels

Carl Nehmer. EFE / EPA / Julian Warrant / Archive

Vienna, August 23 (EFE) It proposed Brussels.
Sebastian Kurs, the federal president of the Alpine Republic, and Interior Minister Carl Nehmer have both made this clear in recent hours by the majority partners in the ruling coalition of the Conservative Popular Party (ÖVP).
Speaking on ORF General Radio, Nehmar today reiterated his country’s position in support of social efforts by focusing on doing everything possible for Afghan refugees in their region.
Even in the case of Afghan citizens who have cooperated with NATO and European missions, it should consider that instead of transferring them to Europe, they should try to be able to continue working in the EU in Afghanistan, as they do in the current deportation process. Or in border countries.
“It should be a priority to keep them in the region here as well,” the minister stressed, adding that these people will be translators and translators to improve the humanitarian situation.
Already last Sunday, Neymar called on the European Commission (EC) to create legitimate and safe ways for those trying to escape conflict and to criticize the Taliban’s crackdown in Afghanistan.
The Austrian minister expressed his surprise at the proposal and accused Brussels of sending the “wrong signal” because it was seen as a “call” to choose Europe as their target.
However, as Kurz reiterated last night on PULS 24 television, Austria’s position is that it already has a relatively large Afghan refugee community, and will no longer host.
“I am clearly opposed to taking more people voluntarily,” he said.
Kurz maintains his strict and restrictive immigration policy, imposing himself on one of the foundations of his government administration, the coalition’s minority ally, the “Green” party, which supports the group of Afghans needed in Austria. Security
The federal president of Austria stressed that ground assistance was “the only right and sensible thing for the European Commission to focus on now.”

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