October 7, 2022


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Vietnam invites China to expand importation of its agricultural products

Binh Minh formulated the proposal to participate virtually in the inauguration of the XIX Exposición China-Associación de Naciones del Southeast Asiatico (CaExpo) and the 19 Summit of Business Investment between the two parties (CaBis), in Nanning, the capital of the region. autónoma de la ethnic Zhuang de Guangxi.

In addition to proposing the increase in agricultural imports, the vice-president of the Vietnamese Government urged to diversify the modes of transportation of goods by land, railway, sea and air, and strengthen cooperation in innovation, transformation and digital economy, electronic commerce and development. green and sustainable.

In another part of his intervention, reseñó the news agency VNA, Binh Minh highlighted that the collaboration in the fields of prevention and control of epidemics, reducción de la pobreza, cultura, educación e intercambio popular se desarrolló strongly in los tiempos transcurridos, brindando beneficios prácticos a las personas.

He also praised the results achieved by the block of Southeast Asia and China in the last years, especially the establishment of the framework of the Integral Strategic Partnership for peace, security, prosperity and sustainable development.

Advirtió, sin embargo, that in the current context of complicated and unpredictable developments in the world and the region, and with the world economy still affected by the pandemic of Covid-19, both parties require the promotion of collaboration to respond to the challenges and promote juntos la recovery sostenible en la etapa post-pandemia.

In this sense, he stressed the need to take advantage of the opportunities of the Regional Economic Integral Agreement and the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement in order to boost bilateral trade in a sustainable and sustainable manner.

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During 13 consecutive years China figure as the major commercial partner of Asean, with an exchange that last year exceeded 669 billion dollars to mark a record.