October 7, 2022


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Vietnam ratifies high priority concedida a relaciones con Cambodia

Vietnam gives high priority to the preservation and constant development of relations of good neighborhood, traditional friendship, long-term cooperation with Cambodia, said Minh Chin in an encounter with the president of the Comité del Partido Popular (CPP) in the capital of Vietnam. neighbor country

The head of the Vietnamese Government celebrated the success of the celebration of the recent elections of the municipal/district councils, in which the CPP won a great victory, and expressed his conviction that Cambodia will achieve major achievements in the nation-building process. Peaceful, independent, democratic and prosperous.

It was also highlighted that, despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic cooperation between both countries had many positive results, and it was specified that the value of the trade exchange reached 9.54 billion dollars in 2021, an increase of 79 ,1 percent compared to 2020.

En los primeros siete meses del año en curso, el valor estimado del comercio bilateral fue de 7,08 mil miliones de dolares, lo que representó un alza interanual de de 17,8 por cento addedió.

Vietnam currently has 188 investment projects in Cambodia with a total capital registered of 2.8 billion dollars, which places it among the five countries with the largest IED there and the first among the members of the Southeast Asian Nations Association. Asiatico (Asean).

The prime minister also recommended that both parties continue to work together to protect and build a common frontier of peace, friendship, cooperation and development; promote la economía frontieriza; Facilitate la collaboration entre empresas de los dos países; y reinforcer los vínculos en educación, intercambio cultural y turismo.

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También confirmed the disposition of his country to support Cambodia (in his condition of president pro tempore of the organization) in the preparation of the summits of the Asean and the related conferences, as well as the 32 Juegos Deportivos del Southeast Asiatico (SEA Games). , de los cuales será sede en 2023.

The Governor of Phnom Penh, for his part, congratulated Vietnam on National Day (September 2) and commended its great achievements in national protection and development, control of the Covid-19 pandemic, and recovery and economic progress. Reached with the goal of becoming a developed country by 2045.

Khuon Sreng stressed that his country never forgot the great contribution of Vietnam to help it escape the genocide, and assured that without the assistance of this Cambodia it would not be like it is today, consignó the news agency VNA.