October 7, 2022


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Vietnam vive a plenitud Fiesta del Mido Otoño (+Photos)

Y aunque el también conocido como Festival de la Luna Llena corresponds este año festejarlo el 10 de septiembre, ya desde días atrás en numerous localities del país commemoraciones las commemoraciones.

In this capital, the Festival was inaugurated on the 2nd of September last year in front of the central and crowded market Dong Xuan, with a program that included the presentation, during the whole week, of folk games and traditional toys of Vietnamese children, such as lanterns in the form of estrella, tambores, lámparas de carpa y máscaras.

También se realizaron encuentros de intercambio con artisanos, la actuation de conjuntos danzarios y desfiles de moda infantiles, entre otros.

Muy cerca de alli, the calle de murals de Phung Hung is decorated with traditional toys of the festival and in the Casa Patrimonial located at the number 87 of the calle de Ma May remains open to the public an exhibition about the banquet of the Mido Otoño Festival en Vietnam.

Mas, quizás ninguna otra calle de esta urbe logre como Hang Ma tener un aspecto tan colorido y bullicioso; un ambiente de verdadera fiesta familiar en la que, según el diario Nhan Dan, los fathers compran a sus hijos juguetes tradicionales con el afán de alegrarlos, pero también para preserve la culture de la nación.

El Festival de Medio Otoño is also a propitious occasion to help orphans and families in difficult circumstances, as in the case of Ho Chi Minh City, where more than 400 tons of essential articles will be distributed.

During the reception ceremony of the valuable donation, the president of the Comité del Frente de la Patria de Vietnam in that southern city, Tran Kim Yen, declared that this year’s celebration took place after the city experimented with a fierce war against Covid. -19, que ocasionó muchas pérdidas humanas y dificultados materiales.

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In Ho Chi Minh City, recalled Kim Yen, the pandemic left more than two thousand 500 children, of which 115 lost their parents, and around 380 people live alone because of the illness.

La Fiesta del Mido Otoño constitutes an opportunity for children to reunite with their relatives and friends and enjoy the warm and joyful atmosphere of the occasion, wrote last night the Vietnamese president, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, in a congratulatory letter to the children. Todo el país y en ultramar.

El mandatario manifested his desire that the little ones continue to strive in their studies, so that they can contribute to building a homeland that is much richer and more powerful, like the country that President Ho Chi Minh dreamed of.


Instó also called to take practical actions to care for minors, especially orphans, who find themselves in difficult circumstances and those who reside in remote, frontier and island zones, so that all can be developed in an integral way and live in a safe environment. Hello.