November 28, 2022

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Vote in Peru: Keiko Fujimori does not acknowledge defeat against Point Pedro, but says he respects electoral justice

Keiko Fujimori before testifying in corruption case (Photo: Reuters)

Right-wing Peruvian candidate Keiko Fujimori It was announced this Monday that it will recognize it Results of the Presidential Vote Who confronted her on June 6 with the Left Point Pedro Castillo so what They will be announced by the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE) in the next few hours.

“I declare today that it is the duty of all Peruvians to carry out my duties … I will accept the results because I swear by the law and the constitutionFujimori told the press.

Candidate stated that he would accept the official declaration in spite of the “results” in his opinion, and without presenting evidence.Malpractice“Because” they already found something they could not object to: Peru Libre (Castillo’s party) stole thousands of votes from us on election day. “

Fujimori made the statement shortly after JNE confirmed it This week he will announce and present evidence to the next president of Peru, Which will be according to official figures Castillo Just after winning 44,000 votes The difference.

Without checking complaints, Numerous speculations about the fraud were made public to deny Fujimori and reaffirm that the signatures on the election records were his.. At the same time, it was endorsed by organizations such as the Fairness of Peruvian Elections Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union (EU), as well as governments of the United States and Canada, other countries and multilateral companies.

Castillo is waiting for his immediate announcement

File photo of Point Pedro Castillo (photo: Reuters)
File photo of Point Pedro Castillo (photo: Reuters)

Official Declaration Point Pedro Castillo Elected President of Peru immediately after election jurors It has taken a month and a half to process and reject more than a thousand appeals and challenges from right-wing Keiko Fujimori.

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In the absence of a short week for a presidential change, the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE) declared last Monday that this was unsubstantiated. Five resources Until now, the official election results have been blocked by Fujimori’s party Fursa Popular.

The full session of the JNE to process the submitted results now has, for the first time, a free and unrestricted path For each of the 60 special juries that make up the Peruvian electoral system, this is expected to happen in the next few hours.

They will approve their resolution in advance Results of a study conducted by the Office of National Electoral Processes (ONPE), Castillo received 50.12% of the valid vote, just 44,000 votes more than his rival.

This small advantage was used to emphasize the polarity of the election campaign and Peru’s right to lead the country in one place. Unprecedented tension In the face of his refusal to accept the results, Including instructing the Armed Forces not to disobey Castillo, who is practically a conspirator.

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