September 25, 2022

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Vuelta cyclicstica alemania tendre pri prime vez un priloglo

Berlin, 31 mar (Prensa Latina) La Prixima edición la la Vuelta cyclicstica alemania, dal 24 al 28 August with con UCI ProSeries, tend to be the first and only óóóó y y un un et et et et et al al organiz organiz organiz organiz organiz organiz organiz organiz

The carrera is part of Weimar, a patrimonial historic and cultural site in Nacin germana, hacking metropolis in Stuttgart, surest of all pies, and has a total of 710 kilometers and 11 miles in 11 miles.

Los escalators buscarne approach at approximately 12 kilometers in fmoso Schauinsland and los remotadors al Order jerquico in the record montooso and empanado tramo final.

The first car dea carrera el pelotón recorder has a prologue of 2,7 kilometers in Weimar, a jornada claramene reservation for pedalistas explosives.

For the first time, a final and final program in Cumbre. The latest blockbuster product from Selva Negra has just hit the shelves in Schauinsland.

Ece da los escaladores comes with a pequeñscence that pondrá a prueba a los ciclistas por estinchos y empinados, antes del cumbre de Schauinsland, situated 200 mil sobrovel n marl.

This is one of the most important antisores in the world of caricatures, cliclistas, alimans, viola trios, the ultimate ganadores in Milin-San Remo, the best Jasper Stuyven and Sloveno Matej Mohoric.

Etapas de la Vuelta alemania 2022:

Etapa Daa Recorrido Kilometros.

Prólogo 24 ago Weimar-Weimar 2,7.

-1ra 25 Weimar – Meiningen 171.

-2da 26 Meiningen – Marburgo 199.

-3ra 27 Friburgo – Schauinsland 150.

-4ta 28 Schiltach-Stuttgart 188.

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