October 4, 2022


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Warning of severe water crisis in Chile – Brenza Latin

The NGO expressed its concern over the increasingly rapid and rapid erosion, drought, desertification and misuse of water affecting the country, with international studies placing it 18th among the countries with the greatest water pressure.

Matthias Azon, director of Greenspeace in Chile, pointed out that soil erosion, degradation and desertification have been affected by the mining, agricultural activities and forestry sector.

“Desertification considered only if the condition, nearly 38 percent of residents in Chile (…) directly retarded, it’s worse,” he warned.

This requires – he stressed – ‘a comprehensive approach, recognizing the worsening injustice when there is a climate crisis and the owners of water and those affected by its scarcity’.

A recent study by the Catholic University indicates that Chile is the only country out of 92, and that its constitution explicitly establishes private property in relation to water use rights.

Meanwhile, the University of Chile’s ‘National Water Reserve Update’ investigation has revealed that there will be a sharp drop of up to 50 per cent in water availability within 10 years, with river flow decreasing and temperatures rising.

This is because the rule of law in the country does not protect water as a right but maintains it as a resource for private use.

After the election of the conference that drafted the new constitution, 81 of the organization’s 155 members expressed their satisfaction that in the next constitution, water guarantees that water is the right of the people and the care of environmental organizations.

In this regard, Asun warned that the management model provided for the small amount of water available “allows for uncontrolled progress of production activities, which not only consume enormous amounts of water, but also accelerate and propagate the loss of vital ecosystems.”

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He added that maintaining fluid for human consumption and the maintenance of ecosystems is an important step in countering both the climate crisis and the demands for greater social justice in laws related to it, starting with the Constitution.

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