September 30, 2022

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What do you know about the causes of building collapse in Miami?

Partial collapse of a 12-story building Thursday in Miami, Florida. Photo: E.P.A.

Said engineers and architects working hard to determine the cause of the building collapse in Florida It may take a long time to recreate the clues as to why a part of the Miami condo collapsed.

At least four people have been killed and 159 missing in a 12-story building collapse in Miami on Thursday, prompting a large number of first responders to stop at the scene, according to official reports so far.

Experts assure that there is some data that they are working on to reach a conclusion: Corrosive elements, defects in a foundation or building in construction and design.

“If a building collapses on its own, it will lose support somewhere,” said Abiuva Aguirre, a professor of civil, architectural and environmental engineering at Drexel University.

Sampline Towers was to carry out a series of repairs to damage such as corrosion and decay of paint on the walls. All of this should be done regularly when the buildings are 40 years old as part of the building renovation.

Being so close to the sea, sea salts can penetrate structures and begin to rust steel components, especially reinforcing wires that can be poorly protected.

But there are other factors that can cause a building to collapse. Charlie Danger, who retired as construction chief of Miami-Tate County seven years ago, Unauthorized redesign will remove a configuration support column.

Also, some experts like Aguirre said it A sink or other foundation problems can cause great instability under a building.

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis and Miami-Tate County Mayor Daniel Levine Kawa promised a full investigation this Friday to determine the cause of the collapse.

“We need a definitive explanation of how this could have happened,” Desantis said.

Federal investigators are already working hard on the site. The National Standards and Technology Institute sent a team of experts to Florida on Friday afternoon to meet with local construction officials and engineers.

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Sissy Nikolaev, an expert in geotechnical engineering who is part of the federal team, will study the design of the building to determine if there have been changes over time and what happened before the collapse. He promised that the first visit of the group would last a week.

“We need to understand the landscape of a catastrophe,” Nikolaev said.

Some researchers have found that thanks to the use of special radars used to determine possible flooding off the coast of Miami, the tower was already submerged long before the collapse, which did not apply to surrounding buildings.

“I was surprised,” said Shimon Vodovinsky, an environmental professor at Florida International University. “I didn’t expect to see movement there. It’s a constant part of the city.”

In addition, there are other areas where Wdowinski still records much of the terrain, but no collapsed buildings have been reported, as has been the case with the Sampline towers.

In the past, some tenants of the building had already filed some complaints about the lack of maintenance on facilities such as flooding and strong vibrations from nearby buildings.

Partial collapse of a 12-story building Thursday in Miami, Florida. Photo: E.P.A.

Partial collapse of a 12-story building Thursday in Miami, Florida. Photo: Getty Images.

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