September 30, 2022

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When will Facebook transform into Zuckerberg’s new social networking site Meta?

Own company Facebook, Which at this time had the same name as the social network, Becomes meta As baptized “MetaVerso”, Mark Zuckerberg recently announced a virtual reality world. With Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Oculus, That They will not change the name either, The name change will be found on the New York Stock Exchange Coming December 1st. The company listed today under the acronym FB will be listed under MVRS.

In this sense, this change will only have consequences for its owner company, because the social network is constantly called Facebook and change For most users this will have almost no effect. By A. Live broadcast through your profile Employees on the social network, the CEO presented his new project to the public in a very comprehensive manner. “The new goal will be the same, people will be almost together. We will continue to be a company that develops technology for the people.”

As seen in the event, the metawares are based on one The virtual world in which people can interact through incarnations. They will be As realistic as possible In Zuckerberg’s own words, in this new web model Can express feelings and emotions Just like in real life. This parallel 100% digital reality company will be the focus of the investments it will make in the coming years.

A new phase

In a letter written by Mark Zuckerberg, the businessman agreed. This new chapter brings “new voices and ideas” to the internet. “I have realized that the history of the Internet is not simple. It will bring about new challenges, risks and change in the interests that have been established so far,” he emphasizes. “Privacy and security must be built into metawares from day one. This will require not only new technical jobs, but also new forms of management.”

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Agencia announced the creation of Facebook in mid-October, according to EFE 10,000 new jobs in Europe over the next five years, With the precise purpose of designing “metawares”. The name change comes as the company is in the eye of the hurricane after thousands of internal documents were leaked by a former employee indicating that Facebook is systematically putting its business interests first for the well-being and safety of users.