October 4, 2022


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Who is Professor Eliza Lonson of Mapuche elected President of the Chilean Constitutional Conference

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Eliza Lonson will chair the Constitutional Conference

In a decision that embodied the spirit and symbolism of the new constitutional conference that opened this Sunday in Chile, Eliza Lonson was elected head of the organization that was to draft a new constitution.

This Sunday, 155 members of the Constituent Assembly elected Lonson, a 58-year-old Native woman, to head the body that will create the new Magna Carta, which will replace the current one, derived from the dictatorship. Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990).

In the second round of the conference’s inaugural session, a Mapuche teacher, linguist and activist – Chile’s aboriginal – was elected by an absolute majority (96 votes), which was suspended for nearly an hour after a group of members protested after clashes between police and protesters in the center of Santiago.

“To thank the support of the various alliances who gave their confidence and kept their dreams at the call of the Mapuche Nation, To vote for someone Mapuche person, woman, change the history of this country “Lonson said this Sunday.