July 2, 2022


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WHO – Juventud Rebelde says Ómicron is present in at least 77 countries

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tetros Adonom Caprais on Tuesday reported cases of a new variant of the corona virus in 77 countries, with the Ómicron, its relapse rate being higher than other types.

“It’s probably already in most countries, and it’s not yet diagnosed; although Omigran causes less severe cases, a sharp increase in infections could again destabilize inadequately prepared health systems,” Caprais warned.

Similarly, during the virtual conference, the Director General warned that most countries would be relaxed with biosecurity regulations in the face of the new corona virus mutation, and that the vaccination campaign for the population would guarantee a reduction in infections.

In this sense, Gabrias urged the resumption of all anticoagulant activities established since the onset of the epidemic, including the use of masks and social exclusion in areas with large numbers of staff.

“We fear that rich countries will accumulate vaccines, and that the most backward countries will not be able to advance in their vaccination campaigns; we are not against booster doses, but against injustice,” Tetros Adonom said.

For its part, the WHO shows that in all 41 affected countries, the percentage of people vaccinated is less than ten percent of their total population, while 98 countries do not achieve 40 percent vaccination coverage.

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