September 25, 2022

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WHO: Measures Against Delta Variation for Omigran

Border closures adopted by some countries may provide time to deal with the omega-3 variant of the corona virus, but the measures used and the experience with Delta should be the basis for the fight against the epidemic, World Health Organization officials said. In the western Pacific.

Although spikes occur in a few countries in the region, deaths from COVID-19 cases and many more have been confirmed, confirmed by WHO Regional Director Dr. Takeshi Kasai told reporters at a virtual press conference from Manila, Philippines.

“Border controls can delay the arrival of the virus and buy time. But all countries and all communities must be prepared for further escalation of cases, ”Kasai said. “The positive news in all of this is that none of the information we currently have on Omigron suggests that we should change the direction of our response.”

At this time, many aspects of the new variant are unknown, including whether it is highly contagious – some health officials suspect – whether it can cause more serious symptoms in patients or stop it with vaccination.

According to Kasa, Omigran has been designated as a worrying variant due to the number of its mutations and early data suggest that it may be more contagious than others. More testing and monitoring is needed, he said.

So far, four West Pacific countries and regions – Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea – have reported cases of the new variant, WHO Regional Emergency Director Dr. Babatunde Olovokure said. Let this number rise further. Cases are found all over the world.

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Singapore and Malaysia have confirmed their first cases in the last 24 hours, and unlike India, it did not fall within the WHO’s boundaries.

In the Philippines, Aldia de Guzman, director of the Government Epidemiology Office, said on Friday that one in 71 people discovered by authorities after arriving in the country from South Africa in the past two weeks had tested positive for the corona virus. Tests are ongoing to find out if you have contracted Omigran.

The appearance of the new variant is of particular concern to the organizers of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which begin in a few weeks.

Beijing “is taking comprehensive preventive and control measures to reduce the risk of the spread of imported explosives, to effectively protect the health of all participants and the population in the host cities, and to ensure that the competition runs smoothly,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Weidang said.

China has adopted a zero tolerance policy for the spread of COVID-19 and has some of the world’s strictest border controls. Games participants must live and compete within a bubble, and only visitors living in China will be allowed to pass the complete vaccination schedule and virus detection tests.

Beijing’s actions seem adequate for now.

The experience of recent years, especially in response to the Delta, “serves as a guide to what we need to do and how to deal with future upheavals.”

It considers the total coverage of the vaccine, social distance and use of the mask, and other activities. “The aim is to ensure that the right patients are treated in the right place and at the right time, especially to ensure that beds are available in the ICUs for those who need them,” he said.

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Globally, infections have been on the rise for several weeks, and the number of deaths has begun to rise, driven mainly by delta diversity and less use of safety measures in other parts of the world, he said.