July 2, 2022


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WHO urges not to use terms such as deltacron or fluorine in relation to COVID-19 infection

Do not use words such as deltacron, fluorone or fluorone. please. These words refer to a combination of viruses and variants that did not happen. Photo: Medical Writing / Archive

Maria van Kerkov, World Health Organization (WHO) Technology Lead in Response to COVID-19 Infection He was asked this Monday not to use the word deltacron, fluorone or fluorone in relation to the COVID-19 infection.

In a message he posted on his Twitter account, he said the use of these words signifies a mixture of viruses and variations, which will not happen.

Do not use words such as deltacron, fluorone or fluorone. please. These words refer to a combination of viruses and variants that did not happen. ‘Deltacron’ may be contaminated during deployment, SARSCoV2 continues to develop and find an infection parallel to the flu, he said.

The WHO epidemiologist referred to another book he published on January 4, in which he explained COVID-19 and influenza co-infections have been reported throughout the epidemic.

As more and more people congregate, we find that with the limited use of health and social security measures, in addition to the flu and Govt-19 circulation, co-infections are occurring. Vaccinate (against COVID-19 and the flu), and continue to use public health measures. Put on the mask. Use distance. Avoid crowds. VentilationHe asked.

In a video released by the WHO on its YouTube account on January 8, Dr. Van Kerkov said that the Omigron variant had been detected worldwide, and that its exchange would be effective, with a very strong increase in the number of cases. About 10 million new cases are reported in a week.

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He explained that the condition was caused by mutations in SARS-CoV-2, which allowed the virus to adhere easily to human cells, also known as “immune escape”. People can become infected again.

The other reason is that we find Omigron copying in the upper respiratory tract, which is different from delta and other types, which is reflected in the lower respiratory tract, the lungs. The combination of these factors allowed the virus to spread more easily, he said.

What we have learned from the Omigran variant is that the risk of developing serious disease is lower than the delta variant. But the proportion of cases we see around the world is truly amazing. Even though the risk of being admitted to the hospital is low, we still see a large number of people who need medical treatment and are admitted to the hospital, which is going to place a greater burden on health systems.

He called for personal action to prevent infections: get vaccinated when it’s his turn. Vaccines can be incredibly helpful in protecting against serious illness and death; Countries have systems capable of detecting cases and using trials, ensuring that people follow medical care pathways and fulfilling their personal responsibility to keep us safe.

Take steps to be safe: Wear a mask, keep a distance, avoid crowding, and do so if you can postpone these meetings. Reducing exposure is very important so as to reduce the number of diseases so as not to place too much burden on health systems., Finished.

(Taken from this UN Mexico)

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