October 6, 2022


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World Environment Day, to restore ecosystems

This time Pakistan is hosting 2021 World Environment Day, urgent action is needed to revive damaged ecosystems

This Saturday, June 5th, the World Environment Day 2021; It will reflect on the re-establishment of the relationship between humanity and nature. In addition, it will mark the launch United Nations Decade on Environmental Reconstruction; Ten-year global drive to prevent, stop and reverse environmental degradation.

“Just as we caused the climate crisis, the biodiversity crisis and the pollution crisis, we can Turn the damage upside down What we did; We can be the first generation Find again, Re-create Y Reset An environment that takes action towards a better world, ”he said. Inger Anderson, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

As stated in it HIM-HER-IT, Every three seconds the world loses a part The forest Equals one football field; And, in the last century alone, half Wetlands. Similarly, about 50% Coral reefs; Moreover, by 2050 they will have disappeared by up to 90 percent.

Meanwhile, global emissions Greenhouse gases Increased for three consecutive years; So the planet is one step away from catastrophic climate change.

In addition to the above, the Covit-19 International Distribution It also shows how devastating the effects of environmental loss can be. By reducing the area of ​​natural habitat for animals, favorable conditions are created for the spread of pathogens.

In this sense, the World Environment Day Will focus on environmental restoration, ‘Redesign, recreate, and restore‘. Moreover, in this way, urgent action will be required to revive the damaged ecosystems.

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This year, Pakistan Will be the host country of World Environment Day, Is one of the countries most at risk from the effects of climate change. However, it has come up with its own restoration efforts like the 10 billion tree tsunami, which will reach this deforestation target by 2023.