January 20, 2021

World Juniors 2021: Canada’s Kirby Touch injured in exhibition game

Canada’s Wednesday night tune-up against Russia should be a way for the boys to get their feet down in preparation for the tournament. Instead, the team will now have to compete for gold at the 2021 IIHF World Junior Championships without the best player Kirby Touch.

In the third period of the 1-0 victory, the Dutchman knocked out Ilia Safono of Russia and injured her right arm. After the confrontation, the Canadian captain took off his glove and looked at the hand, possibly with an injury to his thumb. He slid to the right of the bench and went straight into the subway. He did not return to the game and said after the final buzz that DSN’s Court Miller had gone for X-rays.

With the exception of seeing a 19-year-old doctor and getting X-rays, head coach Andre Durikni has not had an update since the game.

“I like his movement, he really tried to make plays, he brought everyone into the fight and tried to play the right way, he didn’t try to force the game,” Durigni said when evaluating Touch’s game before the injury. “Out of the Ultimate Team Player.”

Doc is expected to be a major coke in Canadian crime. Before leaving the game, he plays with teammate Saintman Dylan Cossans and fellow winger Jack Quinn in the front row. A player in 64 regular season games last season, where he has 23 points (eight goals, 15 assists), and nine summer bubble games (goals, five assists), the Blackhawks leave a hole in the Doc loss lineup.

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“He’s definitely a special player, definitely the most important guy in the locker room,” said Jamie Tristale, who scored a solo goal in the post game. “He’s a guy who can really talk, he’s a guy you can lean on … obviously it helps to see a guy like that go down, you hope it recovers quickly anyway. I may not know what it is, but I hope everything goes well with him. I hope he can get the ice back. “

Compared to previous years, if the touch can’t go, there’s little way to add a player to the list. Normally, final lists arrive the day before the match starts, and changes are made until the last minute. This year, due to COVID-19 and the bubble, it is difficult to add a player to this space. One positive thing is that the rosters have been expanded and the Predators have not skipped the expected Philip Tomasino and may stand in line to fill the 13th forward spot.