October 4, 2022


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Xi Jinping pledged 233 million euros to a biodiversity conservation fund

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China’s COP15, UN Conference on Biodiversity is underway. In a speech recorded on video, the Chinese president announced funding of more than 233 million euros to help conserve biodiversity in developing countries and to promote renewable energy.

With Stephen Lagarde, RFI Beijing Reporter

NGOs and diplomats in Kunming were waiting for a strong announcement to reverse the loss of biodiversity. The talk is a start and is especially aimed at those seeking help from developed countries to protect primary forests, wetlands and other grasslands, especially in Africa and South America. .

Essential investment

“China will take the initiative to create the Kunming Biodiversity Fund with a capital contribution of 1.5 billion yuan ($ 233 million) to support biodiversity conservation in developing countries,” Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at COP15 on Tuesday.

At the local level, the Chinese president announced the acceleration of large-scale photovoltaic and wind power projects.

The goal is to reach a joint declaration next May, at the end of a conference of nations’ commitment to protect 30% of their land and sea areas. The goals of the Paris Climate Agreement cannot be achieved without investing in biodiversity.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that “we are missing out on a suicide war against nature.

The COP15 calls for a ceasefire in the Scottish city of Glasgow from October 31.

COP15 is conducted in conjunction with COP26 in Glasgow, so it is an important visual object for Chinese diplomacy aimed at demanding moral supremacy in global environmental governance.

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