July 2, 2022


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XIII ICAO International Conference continues in Colombia

Jair Orlando Fazardo, Colombia’s director of civil aeronautics, said it was a very important event in the negotiations for trade agreements for civil aviation.

The meeting is attended by 84 delegates, 44 of whom are connected in a virtual way, he explained that they can make agreements that will allow the country to continue to reactivate and be able to connect with the world.

He stressed that this would boost confidence in Colombia and its continued confidence in reviving the international aviation sector, which already exceeds 88 percent.

Until next Friday, ICAN 2021 will be held, organized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which will provide opportunities to develop communication networks for policymakers, regulators, airline operators, service providers and more. Interested parties.

Conference participants can engage in discussions related to air services, thus having the time, money and possibilities to learn first-hand about current trends, best practices and current issues in aviation. Maintaining and establishing professional contacts.

It was founded by ICAO Secretary Juan Carlos Salazar and is the first such case after the Govt-19 epidemic.

On its first day, representatives of the Cuban Civil Aeronautics Institute (IACC) were able to complete the process of signing the agreement letter on the search and rescue between the Central American Service Agency’s Search and Rescue Coordination Center. Navigation and the Coordinating Commission for the Search and Rescue of the Republic of Cuba.

The exchange of the initiated document took place within the framework of the ICAN event, which was dedicated to the discussion of bilateral air service agreements, funded by ICAO in Bogot, Colombia.

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