July 2, 2022


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XX ALBA-TCP Summit kicks off in Havana (+ video)

The President of Cuba speaks at the ALBA TCP Summit.

At 9:15 a.m. on December 14, at 9:15 a.m., the XX Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of America – the People’s Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) began its sessions.

Miguel Diaz-Connell Bermuds, First Secretary and President of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party Fidel and Chavez opened the meeting of this unity integration mechanism, established on December 14, 2004.

He did so with the recent victories of Venezuela and Nicaragua in their respective electoral processes and the Bolivian government’s opposition to new coup attempts.

In your brief congratulations to the newcomers, Díaz-Canel exemplified the rapid reaction of ALBA-TCP members, Especially Venezuela, facing the impact of the epidemic, sharing all resources and experiences.

He thanked Cuba for its support at a time when the country was experiencing the most critical moments of the bitter bitterness of Govt 19 and the strengthening of the North American siege.

“ALBA is the home of equals”, Minutes later Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Moroz signifies the nature of the integration of the ALBA-TCP, where no country is superior to another or dictates to others what they should do.

“Our democracies do not base their forces on the strength of money or weapons. Those of us who have our capabilities and capabilities around the ALBA-TCP do not fit into the shapes that the Empire has designed for its citizens or its allies,” he said. Diaz Colonel refers to the “non-democratic” summit (which he called it because of its exclusive nature) that the United States has convened in recent days.

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This 20th ALBA-TCP Summit should recognize the post-epidemic plan, with strategic outcomes, the key issue of which is health.

“Realizing the dramatic situation, imperialism did not stop and expanded its hegemonic plans against the region,” Díaz-Canel Bermúdez denounced, while the progressive forces showed better coordination and resisted the attack.

The President reiterated that Cuba is the main target of US repressive policy, Which used the worst means of attacking the revolution, such as the cooperation of many countries in this camp.

He summed up the summit as the culmination of a year of hard work, and called for strengthening unity and solidarity and respecting Latin America and the Caribbean as a zone of peace.

Facing the challenges we face, “Cuba It will not stop its desire to build a socialist society that is increasingly just and humane, more supportive and more international. And to that horizon we can only march in a box as tight as silver in the roots of the Andes.

“Fidel and Chavez They made more progress than others on this path of integration. We have a duty and honor to strengthen and humble His humble disciples, His faithful disciples.